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WebHostingPad Review Save $25

| January 22, 2013
WebHostingPad Review $25 OFF
Use This WebHostingPad Coupon To Get $25 OFF (3 Years Plans or Above)
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How  To Use The WebHostingPad Coupon “LOVE”?

Just copy and paste the coupon “LOVE” at the “Promotion” section when you sign up at You can click the “Check Coupon” button to test the coupon(See a pic below). Please note that the extra $25 OFF coupon is only available for 3 years hosting plans or above.

WebHostingPad Review – A General Hosting Feature

WebHostingPad offers low-cost web hosting services and has been doing this for 6 years+. As a result, a lot of users have come to rely on the company’s web hosting services. You can pay as little as $1.99 per month to achieve web hosting on WebHostingPad account. Much more, the WebHostingPad Coupon Save $25 provides further low-cost to users on this account. Anyone can take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

What Makes the WebHostingPad Coupon “LOVE” $25 Thick?

You may be wondering, what makes the WebhostingPad $25 discount thick? In comparison, this special discount has the following benefits;

  • It is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy tons of features that come with web hosting.
  • The discount is one of the best you can get in the industry.
  • It is available for both newbie and savvy users, no one is excluded.
  • There are tons of Unlimited Features that accompany this discount offer, as though you are paying the full price.
  • It is a great way to save significant amount of $$$ on web hosting
  • The discount is not just applicable to basic web hosting plans, you can also apply it to more sophisticated web hosting such as professional and premium VPS web hosting.
  • WebHostingPad Coupon “LOVE” $25 OFF is easy to activate

WebhostingPad offers different categories of features with its hosting accounts. In previous reviews, we’ve outlined and explained the Unlimited Features that come with WebHostingPad.

In this post, we will focus on other general features that come with WebHostingPad even with the discount offer;

General Features Category

There are vast arrays of general features that accompany web hosting on WebhostingPad platform, they include the following;

FREE Site Builder: create your own professional-looking websites using the FREE site builder tool. This is a great way to save substantially on website development. You don’t need to be an IT pro to use this tool, even a newbie with little or no programming language skill can use this tool. It has a user-friendly interface and can be played around with easily.

If you are into intensive affiliate marketing, you would definitely need tons of websites for this online business. Now, consider how much it will cost building these websites, this will help you to appreciate the FREE site builder. Remember, this site builder tool comes with different templates, from simple to professional templates.

Unlimited Email AutoResponders

Every online marketer needs email autoresponder. It is an essential e-marketing tool that provides your prospective customers with essential information on your range of products, services and business activities. The same tool is also used to do a constant follow-up to sustain these prospects. When you decide to take advantage of WebHostingPad $25 OFF, one of the unlimited features you will enjoy is the Unlimited Email Auto Responders. It is a great addition to the e-marketing tools of every online marketer.

In summary, the Unlimited Email Autoresponders feature comes with these benefits;

  • It transform unspecified site visitors to your subscribers
  • It aids you in building relationship with prospects
  • It’s a great tool for generating sales repeatedly
  • The tool helps you to achieve massive automated email follow-up campaigns
  • Get your product/service details in front of your target audience with the autoresponder
  • Achieve measureable results
  • …and more

Unlimited SubDomains

Your website will look cluttered without the Unlimited Sub-Domains feature. If you want to make your website attractive to visitors, the interface does little, the organization of the site does much.

Let’s assume you are offering travel services. Your keyword and central topic will be centered around travel services. But, you will also have other sub-topics such as travel tips, hotel and accommodation booking, car rental, sightseeing tips and more. You will need to create a sub-domain each for the subcategories of your site. So, if you are not using a web hosting provider that supports unlimited sub-domains, you are likely to have a cluttered-looking website.

Unlimited Email Forwarders

You will also enjoy Unlimited Email Forwarders when you sign up for WebHostinPad with the $25 discount. These tools are great for forwarding your marketing emails to as many recipients as possible automatically. Also, it can redirect a mail intended to single address to several other email addresses of your choice. It is a great addition to online marketing tools.

Unlimited Parked Domains

Domain parking refers to the act of registering a domain name and leaving it free (without contents). Parked Domains are engaged in the future when their needs arise. Besides, it is a great way to secure a domain for development in the future. Again, it is an excellent way to achieve protection against the likelihood of cybersquatting. Unlimited Parked Domains are great additions to WebHostingPad features.

Watch out for more of web hosting features you can enjoy with WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF. Remember, the offer is valid for a limited period.